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What We Offer

  • Indemnity
    Pretium provides indemnification against adverse or security for costs orders.

  • Payment
    Pretium pays for a range of expenses and costs including, for example, court fees, transcript costs and Counsel costs.

  • Complete Removal of Risk  
    A  bank guarantee is provided in support of the indemnity given and in satisfaction of a security for costs obligation. 

  • Legal Independence 
    Subject to having the prerequisite insolvency and litigation experience, you are free to use the lawyer of your choice (subject to our approval). 

  • Control 
    Day to day management of a matter rests with the Liquidator / Trustee and their lawyers.  Control of the proceeding, including any negotiated settlement is done so without our direct involvement.

  • Action 
    Once a funding arrangement has been entered we ask that matters progress smoothly and that proceedings be issued without delay and that we be kept abreast of the matter.

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