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The following, if available, are requested at the outset:

  • Company Search (historical)
  • Evidence of Appointment (Court Order)
  • Report(s) to Creditors
  • Solvency Report (even early draft)
  • RATA
  • Directors’ Responses to Questionnaires
  • Correspondence with Directors
  • Notes of meetings/calls with directors
  • Correspondence/calls with accountants
  • MYOB, QUICKBOOKS or XERO file with password
  • Bank Statements for relation back period plus 6 months
  • ATO Proof of Debt
  • ATO RBA and case notes
  • Other Proofs of Debt
  • List of Creditors (secured and unsecured) with amounts
  • Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns
  • VEDA searches for directors (actual and shadow)
  • Title searches
  • Analysis and/or identification of potential claims
  • Anything else of significance


  • A brief outline of the administration to date and reasons for the request for funding support
  • Evidence of Appointment
  • Statement of Affairs
  • Reports to Creditors
  • Title searches
  • Company searches
  • Documentation/records relevant to any disposal of property
  • Correspondence with Bankrupt
  • Correspondence with Bankrupt’s solicitor
  • Bankrupt’s solicitor’s files
  • Correspondence with Bankrupt’s accountant
  • Bankrupt’s accountant’s files
  • MYOB, QUICK BOOKS or XERO file with password
  • Bank Statements
  • Transcripts of any public examinations already held
  • Any legal advice already to hand  

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